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I am Cristina Capatina aka DynamixDyx, and I am logo designer enthusiast based in Bucharest, Romania.

This is my ship, so take it easy and breath whilst scrolling down. You will fall into deep waters, full of danger creatures like some logo designs I made in order to boost my skills. I like the most to create logos, because they are the identity of all can exist in this world. I wasn't joking when I said a logo is the most danger. A good logo it's your first enemy, so you should own it. My partners in crime are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Let's go deep!



Logos are the result of a combination between text and illustration.



Logos are usually a company's initials and it's all about simplicity.



Logos are the best choice when a company wants to have a strong brand recognition.



Logos are very emblematic, that the mark alone is instantly recognizable. 


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dynamixdyx93@gmail.com  |  Tel: +(40) 745 031 537

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R Visualizations - Logo Design

Photorealistic architecture visualization firm. Clients come to the studio to visualize new architecture concepts in VR, provide previews for sales team and generally work with engineers to provide breathtaking photography of the spaces being constructed.